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Perhentian Islands/Paradise Islands/Night of the Living Rats

Sun, Sea, Snorkelling and Screams

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After our very stressful 2weeks in India ‘slumming’ it we decided we needed a well earned rest so we headed for a tropical island off the coast of Malaysia called the Parhentian islands. What a journey to get there! We took a cab to Calcutta airport, then a flight to Singapore. Once landing there we took the metro to the long distance bus station where we hopped on a night bus to Kota Bharu. At 5am we arrived there and after taking out some Malaysian currency we took a cab to the ferry port where we got a speedboat to the island and then a mini boat to take us to our beach. So thats a cab, a flight, metro, a bus, a cab and two boats-phew! Was it worth it...? FEK YEA!
We got a family room ie 5beds really close to the beach so we were very chuffed with ourselves. We headed straight for the beach for some snorkelling , lazing about and showing off our pasty bodies. Everyone there was about 10 shades darker then us and we couldn’t figure it out why we were various shades of white and pink while all the other tourists were golden brown. We copped after a few days that most of them were coming from south east asia and had probably spent a lot of time on the beach whereas this was the first time in a few years out our arses had seen the sun! We stayed on long beach which pretty much consisted off a few bars, restaurants and lots and lots of diving companies. We were all pretty wrecked when we headed to bed that first night however we were awoken at about 2am when a scream erupted from Kirsten’s corner of the room. She had woken up to find a rat on her legs and once she kicked it off she also found the little present he had left for her in the form of his sh1t! This first nights incident set the bar for the rest of the week where as soon as the room went quiet we could hear them scurrying about and in our stuff. Being independent women and seasoned travellers at this point we of course weren’t particularly bothered by the rats and it was only because the night porter insisted on spending the night in the room that we let him not because we were scared or anything...no no nothing like that at all...see for yourself, a picture speaks a thousand words...
IMG_2949.jpg P7110729.jpg
Rat hunting aside we spent our time snorkelling, diving (ruth), eating and drinking. The snorkelling there is really amazing and we saw loads of tropical fish. Aoife was delighted to discover that Finding Nemos are actual fish and not just madeup ones for the movie (duh!) We also had a close encounter with 2 black finned sharks. Anna was the only one that spotted them because Aoife and Kate didn’t hang around to take a look before hightailing it as far away as possible. On a snorkelling boat trip to lots of islands we were lucky enough to spot a turtle and even rarer the very shy and not often seen Chinese tourist camouflaged in a florescent orange life jacket-wow we were lucky to spot that one!

We had a brilliant night out dancing our socks off and generally acting the maggot. Aoife, Kate and Ruth were on the cheap local vodka and Kirsten and Anna were drinking the cheap local rum. Matching them drink for drink Anna and Kirsten couldn’t figure out while the other three were getting so much drunker then them and generally make bigger tools of themselves then normal. Anna eventually spotted that the rum was only 25% while the vodka was 42%!! Ruth spent the night repeating the phrase “i love dancing” over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Aoife and Kate decided to go for a night dip on the way home but being the responsible pair that they are they just went in up to their knees just in cases! No prizes for guessing who had the bigger hangover the following morning. Ruth fairl play to her managed to drag herself out of bed for a morning dive- I wonder is drunk diving illegal..???
After our week of beaching it we headed to Kuala Lumpar for a spot of shopping and sightseeing. What a city! Our hostel was strategically placed across from the Times Square shopping centre, one of the biggest in KL which has a theme park with rollercoaster, a bowling alley and cinema-bleedin’ massiv! We got our shopping on and also did the worst hop on hop off city bus tour in the history of bus tours. The commentary was crap and completely out of sync with where the bus was, so it would be telling you about the Petronas towers when you’re looking at a park. After Aoife fell asleep we decided it was time to get off and perk ourselves up with chips and beer yeh!! We headed out that night for more beer and vodka (Yeh) and a special request was played for Aoife to announce the birth of her first baby awwwww. We tried to play another request for Kate and her recent engagement but the DJ was onto us at that stage so he didn’t make such a fuss.
Because we are getting close to the end of our trip and money is starting to run low we decided to get a bus to Singapore and spend the night in the airport before our flight to Borneo to save on a nights accommodation. We had heard that the airport is one of the best in the world with a swimming pool, cinema and various other things to keep us entertained. UNFORTUNATELY all this lovely stuff is only available when you checkin and because our flight wasn’t til 7AM the next morning we weren’t allowed near any of it. So we pulled an all nighter and spent the night on the internet making use of our laptop, psp and itouch. As you can see from the picture below we were full of beans the next morning ?
NEXT STOP BORNEO..will Kate get to hug that Orang Utan?? Stay tuned...same bat time same bat channel..
Lots of love
Anna, Aoife, Kate, Kirsten and Ruth

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